About Our Company

Founded in 1950, Temel Gaskets Group started manufacturing gaskets with its Temel brand in 1974. Temel Gaskets started its operations by manufacturing rubber, composite and compressed gasket materials. In the following years cylinder head gaskets, manifold / exhaust gaskets, rubber molded metal and multi-layer steel gaskets were added to Temel Gaskets’ manufacturing lines.

By giving it top priority, Temel Gaskets always strives for offering the highest quality products and services to its customers through the latest technological advancements. Its wide range of products are manufactured at its two facilities that are now operated by experts of the industry.

Integration of the complete manufacturing process from the preparation of the raw materials to the final product allows Temel Gaskets to maintain its quality standards in every step of manufacturing.

Temel Gaskets’ products are trusted by numerous companies in Turkey and in the international automotive market.