Creating Modern Solutions for the Automotive Industry
Temel is dedicated to awareness of the demand for advancements in automotive technology. Our engineering department continually researches these needs for advancement so that they can develop the technology necessary for new products and rapid integration of this technology into our operations. We are always ready to develop products we do not yet manufacture but for which there is a demand.

Environmental Responsibility
At Temel Gaskets we respect the earth, simply put. We take very seriously our responsibility to do our part in protecting the environment and make every
effort to integrate a morally correct approach in this area of our business.

Customer Support
Temel is dedicated to customer satisfaction. Our customers know that they can depend on us to give them the highest quality of service before and after their purchases. We know that their reputation depends on the consistent quality of the products we provide them as well as the support they receive from us before and after the sale. We are dedicated to efficiency in smooth, problem-free and timely delivery of the products we sell.

Employee Support and Safety
We place a high value on our employees. Without their dedication and integrity Temel Gaskets could not be the company that it is today. Their dedication and integrity are essential to the production
of the quality demanded at Temel. Therefore, we always make an effort to be sensitive to their needs and to create a caring and uplifting atmosphere in our company. Maintaining their physical safety is of the utmost importance and is ensured throughout the entire process of manufacturing.