What is a Gasket?

What is a gasket?
• The pieces which are used between two surfaces that should be leakproof are called gaskets.

The industrial sectors that gaskets are primarily used Automotive;
• Aircrafts, ships, trains,
• Machines, and hydraulic systems,
• Petroleum and chemical industry,
• Oil and gas transport facilities,
• High-pressure steam facilities,
• Any other condition that leakproof is needed.

Why Does A Gasket Burn In A Machine?
• The engine may be overheated.
• There may be dirt, scratches and curvature on block or cover surface.
• Cylinder head bolts may not be tightened in torque or in appropriate order.
• Cylinder head bolts may become worn or extended.
• There may be cracks on the block or the cylinder head.
• There may be dirt on the cylinder head bolts.
• The cylinder head gasket may be incorrect.