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3) Temel Gaskets has the ownership of all the materials including  all information, pictures, “www.temelconta.com.tr” name, logo, icon, demonstrative, written, electronic, graphic or machine-readable the technical data, computer software, the sales system, the business method and business model and their intellectual and industrial property rights and it is legally protected. No material contained in this site, without prior permission and without reference, including code and software, can not be modified, copied, reproduced, translated into another language, re-published, and can’t be uploaded, posted, transmitted, or distributed to another computer. All or a part of the Internet site can’t be used in another web site without permission. The contrary actions require the legal and criminal responsibility. All rights of Temel Gaskets that are not clearly expressed herein are reserved. Any content of this Website; such as options, price, dealer information, pictures, comments and news (shortly, the “Information”) are for promotional and informational purposes only. If the user has an intention of making an action with the reference of the Information, (s)he agrees that (s)he is obliged to provide the final and reliable information from authorities of Temel Gaskets. The accuracy or timeliness of any information published on the Website is not guaranteed. The user undertakes and accepts that Temel Gaskets bears no responsibility what so ever for any action it takes or it will take according to said information.

4) The information about Temel Gaskets’ Authorized Dealers that is published in the website is valid on their last update time. We highly recommend interested parties to contact with Temel Gaskets for the information about the products and Temel Gaskets’ Authorized Dealers. In this context, Temel Gaskets declares that, the information contained on the Website (unless otherwise explicitly stated) is not an offer to sell and does not constitute a commitment on behalf of Temel Gaskets. Temel Gaskets can make changes in the product price, type and specifications of the products without any prior notice.

5) Temel Gaskets reserves the right to change or terminate the content of the site and/or a service that is provided to the users and to delete the user information or data in the system of its website. Although any precautions are taken to ensure the flawlessness of the website, there is no guarantee of any errors that may be or occur on the site.

6) In any way, the user’s electronic mail address shall not be distributed to other institutions, organizations or individuals. Customer information is only in data base to create a customer profile and to send e-mail for announcement, not to give to third persons. In this context, in order to protect the privacy of personal information, the sections that contain such information is only accessed with a password. The confidentiality of the password and to make the necessary arrangements on the updated fields are the User’s responsibility.

7) Filling the registration form doesn’t provide any rights to the User or any opportunity to claim about a right earned by an application. If missing, incorrect or invalid information is entered to the Registration Form, the user can’t claim any right about the opportunities that are provided in order to marketing and advertising programs organized by Temel Gaskets and Its Authorized Dealers according such information.

8) All the possible precautions are taken to make the website free from viruses, but to provide the ultimate security, the User is obliged to supply their own anti-virus system and to provide the necessary protection. In this context, the User accepts that he is responsible for the direct and indirect consequences of his software and operating system errors which may occur because of its web site entry.

9) If there is a criminal complaint or a formal investigation from authorities and/or in case of a detection that the User is in action that will interfere with the systems of Temel Gaskets, or change the system’s operation or an electronical sabotage or attack, Temel Gaskets has all the rights to search the User’s credentials and to notify the legal authorities.

10) In case of the disputes that may arise between Users and Temel Gaskets, the electronic records of Temel Gaskets will be accepted as sole evidence. In solving this kinds of disputes, Izmir courts and execution offices will be accepted as authority and the controversy will be resolved according to Laws of Republic of Turkey.

11) Temel Gaskets has all the rights to change, renew or cancel any substance in the Terms of Use. All the amended, revised or repealed terms bind all the users since the publication date.

12) There can be mistakes on information, update, typography, price and technical information in this site. Therefore, they cannot be binding for Temel Gaskets. Temel Gaskets reserve the right to make changes on the information without any prior notice to the users and third parties.

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